Pastor's Message for November

Do you have a desk at home? Is it empty, or filled with all manner of items that assist you in ordering your life?

On our desk at home we have a computer, which, among other things, we use to prepare various documents, send and receive emails, pay bills and manage our financial affairs. We have pens, pencils, paper, other general office supplies, books, a printer scanner and a small file system. Under the desk we have a shredding machine and a waste bin. At times the desk seems to be rather full, and sometimes even a little disorganised, BUT, I know where most things are and can quickly lay my hands on them until they are finalised and then filed away.

Our desk is a little like our lives. We collect around us those things we need to be able to manage and enjoy our lives. Some are rather big and may dominate our time, while others are of a minor nature and yet it is comforting to know they are there when we need them. Sometimes we seem to be very busy and our lives can seem rather full and somewhat cluttered. At other times we are able to clear ourselves of the busyness and bring our lives into a semblance of order.

The BIG question however is: What's your purpose for having such a full and busy desk? What's your purpose for having such a full and busy life?

Are you afraid that, if your life was not full or busy, that (if the desk was clear) you would have no reason for life itself?

Sometimes in life we lose sight of why we were born and have our being.

The Bible tells us clearly that we have been given this amazing gift of life for three very clear purposes:

1st - to know and appreciate God as the author of the universe and the author of our lives. [This is called worship and adoration.]

2nd - to take responsibility to care and tend this small patch of His creation we call Earth. [We are not here to abuse and destroy it.]

3rd - to live in ways that truly honour and adds value to the lives of others around us. [Our true purpose is in giving, not taking.]

This month, why not use some of your time to reflect on how your desk your life) can find its true fulfilment for God.


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