Pastor's Message for August


What's your hobby? Some of mine include stamp collecting, coin collecting and Family History research. Why do we have hobbies? They serve to provide a release or break from the stresses, tensions, pressures and obligations of life.

When I was young I suffered with severe asthma. In those days there were not the medications that we now have available to us. As a result, I spent a lot of my time in bed and away from school. I was introduced to stamp collecting by a neighbour who had been disabled during WW2. In many ways it became therapeutic, in that it helped me not to think about my breathing difficulties but to concentrate on other things. It helped me to find some peace and contentment despite my circumstances. As I grew older my asthma came under control, but I have continued to see the worth in having hobbies.

As an adult, I have also developed another 'hobby'. When faced with the many difficulties, pressures and tensions of life, I have come to find peace and contentment in a relationship with God. Prayer, Bible study, and meeting with Christian friends have become so therapeutic for my inner well-being. Not only that, I have come to discover that so much of what I read in the Bible, though it was written a long time ago, it speaks so clearly to our lives today. Its wisdom and guidance is unequalled, because it comes from God Himself.

What's your life like today? Is it filled with the stresses, tensions, pressures and obligations of life. Maybe you need to develop a hobby. Maybe you need to get to know who God really is, and allow Him to show you the way to enduring peace and contentment.

If you're not sure, and want to have a talk to explore this idea further, why not come for a chat during the Church office hours, or even join with us one Sunday. You would be very welcome.


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