Pastor's Message for September

A number of years ago a survey was taken to discover the worst word in the English language. To many people’s surprise the answer came as ‘loneliness’. It would seem that when people reflected on this word, more than any other, it evoked many negative feelings and emotions.

The question has to be asked, ‘In an ever expanding population, urbanisation and emphasis on community resources and activities, how can people be lonely?’ Now, while it may be true that we are increasingly living and working in closer proximity to other people, and while there are so many more opportunities for general social interaction, our society is also experiencing a rise in problems such as anti-social behaviours, addictions, domestic and community violence, and suicides. Could it be that with the ever increasing busyness of our lives we have become a culture focused more on activities and events, rather than on really knowing one another.

Take for example the elderly, disadvantaged or unemployed in our community. We like to know that the various arms of government provide some services for them, BUT, when was the last time you went and spoke with your neighbours? Do you know their names? Do you know how to contact them, other than by seeing them in their front garden or knocking on their door? When was the last time you invited your neighbours into your home for a cuppa and a chat?

For many who are experiencing a great sense of loneliness, they will probably not be very proactive to ‘get out there’ to meet people, because loneliness is self-isolating. It is only as we begin to ‘see’ them, and give them the time they need, that the bondage of loneliness will slowly be broken.

In the Bible (Luke 10:30-37), Jesus told a story of what it means to be a good neighbour. At Bulleen Baptist we are trying to put into practice what Jesus taught and hopefully there will be fewer lonely people in the community around us.

Pastor Bruce Roberts




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