Pastor's Message for April

What are the ingredients for a successful cake? Flour, eggs, milk, sugar, butter, baking powder and flavouring (I like vanilla). However, ingredients alone do not make for a great cake. You also need the correct proportions, in the right order, mixed well and placed in a regulated oven for a set amount of time. If you omit any one of these ingredients or necessary steps, your cake will not turn out as your desire.

It’s a little like life. There are many different ingredients to a successful life: sleep, food, drink, exercise, education, opportunity, vision, hope, acceptance and love (just to mention a few). Also, we need to have these ingredients in the correct proportions, and bring a good order and structure to our lives.

Why is it that so many people today are experiencing so many difficulties and hardships in their lives? Why is there so much abuse, divorce, domestic violence and intolerance? I can only imagine that one of the essential ingredients for a successful life has been neglected or gone missing. We have neglected something very important, very special.

When I talk with people, I find that many of those who have a serenity and tranquillity in their lives is because they have made peace with God. They have discovered that the message of the Lord Jesus, His death on the cross and His resurrection to new life is for them.

Have you found peace with God? Have you invited Him into your life as the missing ingredient? If we want to live truly successful lives, it is important that we make God a part of who we are, not just on a Sunday, but every moment of every day. We only need to read Bible passages such as Hebrews 2:1-4 to get a glimpse of just how important the Lord Jesus is in our lives today.

In this season that we call Easter, it is a time to reflect on our lives and see if maybe the essential ingredient of the Lord Jesus has been omitted. Why not begin to put Him back in your life and find that good balance that will enable you to move forward in your life with God.

[If you ever want to talk about some of the importance life issues you may be facing, feel free to join with us on a Sunday and we can arrange a time to sit and chat.]

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