Pastor's Message for August

Last month, the church building at Bulleen had a Clean and Sanitise Working Bee. Just to mention a little of what was achieved, we brushed and washed walls to get rid of dust and fine cobwebs; we washed and scrubbed benches, cupboards and tables; and we steam cleaned and deodorised the material covered chairs. For 5 hours, small teams of people left no surface or corner untouched. At the end of the day the church glistened and smelled so fresh and clean. It was a job well done!

It got me thinking. Like a church building, our body is made up of many different members, all with their own unique place, purpose and function. Over time, if we do not look after our body, if we neglect it, or take it for granted, it can become damaged, untidy, dirty and even corrupted. If we’re not careful, it may even begin to fall apart, to a point where necessary maintenance and repairs are no longer possible. And I’m not just talking about our physical bodies. Oh, yes, we often hear about the problems caused by the excessive consumption of alcohol, taking of drugs, eating the wrong foods, and a lack of an exercise regime. But, how often do we hear about the importance of spiritual exercise and cleansing? So often our lives can become cluttered, untidy and unclean with everyday spiritual filth. Recently, I went to a conference concerning the spiritual, emotional and physical effects of pornography in our world today. I discovered that it is very prevalent and it can have very damaging effects on our brain, much like methamphetamine drugs. As soon as we become addicted to anything we open ourselves to serious corruption of our body, mind and spirit.

Is it time for each one of us to seriously have a ‘Clean and Sanitise Working Bee’ in our lives. Consider afresh what you read; what you watch on TV and the internet; what movies you look at. Consider the conversations in which you indulge, especially if it involves unwarranted gossip, untruths or foul and abusive language. Consider your thoughts toward others, whether they are pure, edifying or not.

Prayer is a wonderful way of asking God’s help to give our lives a complete ‘Clean and Sanitise’. In regular prayer, we can begin to see those areas in our lives that need cleansing and scrubbing. In prayer, the Lord Jesus can reveal those areas in our lives that have hidden away the ever accumulating filth and dirt of life. Why not, in prayer, ask the Lord Jesus today to cleanse you and make your life once more acceptable for His habitation. As we read in 1 John 1:9, ‘If we confess our sins, He (God) is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’

Pastor Bruce Roberts




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