Pastor's Message for December

Dad, what’s Christmas about? I know it’s a holiday and the weather is hot, but at school we have been making decorations with pictures of snow, tinsel, and coloured balls on a fir tree.
I get it that it’s a happy time and we get lots of presents, and I’ve heard the fairy tales of Father Christmas who flies around in a sleigh with reindeer, BUT, I want to know what Christmas is really all about?

Son, it all goes back a long time ago and is one of those ancient religious things. We now live in the 21st century so you don’t have to worry about that stuff anymore. Just enjoy the holiday and be thankful you have a family who loves you.

OK Dad ….. (thinking) ..… Hey Dad, is Christmas a good thing or a bad thing?

Oh! I guess it’s a good thing.

Dad, if Christmas is a good thing, why don’t they teach us about it at school?

I don’t know, son. I guess your teachers don’t want to offend anyone, because not everyone believes the same thing.

Dad, what do we believe?

Nothing, son!

Why not?

Come on son. What’s with so many questions? Just eat your breakfast.


We live in a society where we claim so many ‘rights’. Well, does a child have a right to hear the true message of Christmas?
Does he/she have a right to be able to read the Bible for themselves and discover that there is a God who loves them so much and is watching over them.
Does he/she have a right
to know that, just over 2,000 years ago, God miraculously entered our world as a baby and grew to become a man like us, experiencing so much of what it means to live in the world with all its problems and difficulties?
Does he/she have a right to know that this man, who was called Jesus, willingly died for them, and that, because of His death, our lives can be so radically changed as we enter into a special relationship with God?
Does he/she have a right to know that this Jesus came back to life again, it’s called resurrection, and that we can make Him a part of our lives today?
Does he/she have a right to know that the celebration of Christmas is a special time to mark the beginning of the greatest story ever told.

How can we NOT tell our children and grandchildren about Jesus and the real meaning of Christmas, the celebration of His birth day? This Christmas we invite you to join with us to celebrate Jesus’ birth and find out why His birth matters so much for our world today. 

May you be touched and overwhelmed by His great love for you.




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